What are The Adventures of Beau Delacroix?

What does a collaboration entail?

If you're not familiar with the content:

The Adventures of Beau Delacroix, in their simplest form, are beautifully shot male masturbation videos that depict the seduction scenes from the storylines for that character. They involve costumes, themes and a surprising amount of acting. The only part of you that has to be shown is your arm from the elbow down and your hand is the only part that must have contact with Beau, the rest is up to you!

At the bottom of this page you'll find references from past collaborators.

The video below will give you a brief overview


If you've arrived at this page it probably means you are considering collaborating with Beau Delacroix, which is so exciting! I'll keep this brief and to the point, this page will give you a rough idea of what a collaboration would entail. We always have a consult before agreeing on a collaboration so if you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them!

This page is divided into the three main topics below with a video to accompany each


Safety is absolutely the most important aspect of collaboration. We can't relax and let our creativity loose if we don't feel safe so this sections includes some tools that we can use to start building trust


It's very important to us that we provide as much value as possible to our subscribers and the people we collaborate with. Compensation will change as we grow and we are always open to hearing how we can provide more value to you or others


It's important to us that we truly do collaborate on what we create together so it feels authentic to you, otherwise what's the point? There some aspects that are fixed but we've left room for you to bring your own unique twist wherever we can!

Safety tools

These are the tools we've created as a baseline for building trust and creating a safe environment for everyone to create in. If you have suggestions or need more assurance in an area, feel free to let us know

  • Anonymity: Showing your true identity is 100% at your discretion, and if you choose to remain anonymous, the anonymity will be guaranteed with a legal document.
  • Boundaries: A Boundaries Questionnaire is the first thing that we send over, to help us get a sense of what we can create together within those boundaries. We fill one out as well so we can find the overlap and plan to stay within that space. These questionnaires must be completed at least 48 hours before we shoot together and cannot be made less restrictive on the shoot day, this is to ensure we have time to process and consider that change before committing to it, although they can always be made more restrictive.
  • Forms: A Content Intention form is something that details what we plan to create on that day and what we're comfortable including. This is a 'living document' and can be updated by anyone, at any time throughout the day
  • Being Alone: We will never be completely 'alone' together. I always encourage collaborators to bring a friend or assistant but in the absence of that, there will a camera recording the room the entire and that recording will be made available to you as soon as we finish shooting
  • Contracts: Detailed contracts regarding the rights and limitations of the content we create. These are different for each collaboration but they always include a clause stating that I only have a limited license to store and edit content that you are in, until it has been finished and approved by both of us.
  • Regarding contracts: they are used to protect and define both of our rights, you will never be asked to sign a contract that obligates you to participate in or perform any acts, that will always be at your discretion.


You will be sent an information package that contains much more detailed explanations of these terms. Compensation is also different for every collaborator so we can provide what is most valuable to each individual, what follows is just a quick overview of the pieces that do not change.

  • Revenue sharing: Anyone who contributes to the creation of content with me is always entitled to a portion of the revenue that content creates, regardless of any other compensation or fees that have been agreed upon.
  • Right to return: In the event that we collaborate and down the road this project starts generating a lot more revenue than it did at the time, I want to be sure that you have the option to take advantage of the success that you helped create. This means that, should you wish to, I am obligated to include your character in the story and have you guest on the show again.
  • You also retain the rights to play the character that was created for you, although they remain my Intellectual Property. This means that if I include the character in the story, I must give you first right of refusal before re-casting them.
  • In addition to your appearance on the show, we will shoot and edit solo or collaborative content of your choosing, that can be used for cross promotion or just your personal page. I will retain no rights or revenue from the content we create for you, it will be yours.
  • You are also entitled to various discounts on any of my other services you may wish to engage for 1 year after collaborating


Typically I will have written a character with you in mind but if you are interested in collaborating on that process, the writing of the story or the narration just let us know.

  • Wardrobe: We have many options for hand wardrobe but if you have pieces you want to use that's great too!
  • Style: Of course, there is a storyline being played and we can provide direction if needed but we would love to see your interpretation
  • Companion scene: We've had a lot of fun creating companion scenes (solo masturbation) to really fill out your character and give them a presence outside of their appearance in the story, there are endless opportunities for things like this so if you have ideas we want to hear them!
  • Your content: If you have a specific scene you'd like to shoot but you're not sure if it's feasible or maybe too complicated, throw that mindset in the trash. We are always up for new challenges and trying new things, that's the best part



“I had a great time working with Jacob both on and off set! All Discussions pre-shoot were thorough on consent, boundaries and comfort levels and he walked me through every aspect of his process which really helped me feel at ease going into filming. His safety protocols, check-ins and eagerness to learn and grow in the industry is a breath of fresh air and makes creating spicy art all the more fun!”

Some collaborators have chosen to remain anonymous, please respect their privacy